BiblioTech serves an important social function where people gather in an edifying environment. If you would like to contribute to this positive experience by helping others expand their knowledge and ability to connect with the latest technology, please explore the volunteer opportunities available.

Teach a Class

We encourage individuals and groups to volunteer their talents and time in assisting with BiblioTech programs, such as technology classes and educational activities. You can lead a class or workshop where you can share your knowledge with children through introductory courses that combine technology and music, science, animation, engineering, or similar; or, assist adults with social media, office applications, resume writing, or other basic lifeskills classes. Please contact BiblioTech staff to discuss your ideas and schedule teaching session(s).


Helping someone learn can be a very enriching experience. You can make a difference in a person’s life by giving them tools to face any learning challenge by guiding them one-on-one in your field of expertise. Whether it is math, writing, or another subject, we welcome tutors at any level to help BiblioTech patrons succeed in school. Please contact BiblioTech staff to learn about details on tutoring opportunities.

Organize Children's Activities

BiblioTech at Casa Verde will function as a community center bringing children together by providing them with an array of services around technology and education. Our digital library will serve children from ages 4 – 16. If you have an activity in mind aligned with our mission that will create a fun and inspiring environment for our children please contact our staff to make arrangements. Before scheduling an event please review room reservation policies. (link to room reservation policies)

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