About Us

Laredo is the second city in the nation to implement a fully digital library, a program originally founded in Bexar County in 2013, and brought to this city by the initiative of the Laredo Housing Authority. BiblioTech offers a friendly environment where technology becomes the primary tool for education and empowerment, for children and adults alike.

Located at Casa Verde Apartments, BiblioTech welcomes not only apartment residents, but everyone in the community seeking to connect to today’s technologies.


To provide community residents technology access to enhance literacy and education, promote reading as recreation and equip residents of our community with necessary tools to thrive as citizens of the digital age.

“BiblioTech capitalizes on technology to change the way we connect to the library. It provides a solution to engage those who would otherwise be disconnected.”

Being surrounded by knowledge is far from a dull or intimidating experience at BiblioTech. The concept of a traditional library is transformed to the way we learn and consume information today.

Responsive to the current digital and information reality and lifestyles, BiblioTech, is meant to become a familiar place where people can gather in a fun and uplifting environment.

Bridging Literacy & Community Gaps

At BiblioTech the goal is to close the digital divide and make information accessibility no longer a privilege of a few, rather a right for everyone that wants to enrich their lives with the power of technology.


Children with limited access to internet and computer technology at home will find quality resources to help them succeed in school and expand their learning opportunities.

Adult Learners

Adult learners will find kind guidance and support to help them become more comfortable being online and using the latest technologies.

Meet our Team

Fidel Perales

BiblioTech Lab Technician


Fidel is a college graduate with a certification in Computer Support and experience in network troubleshooting, and is currently working as supervisor for a non-profit private school in south Laredo.

I’m grateful to be part of Laredo Housing Authority and Laredo BiblioTech; to be given this responsibility and to be able to do what I love. I can’t wait for a new beginning and be able to accomplish what Laredo BiblioTech has envisioned for the community.

Laura Villalobos

BiblioTech Lab Technician


Laura is a high school graduate who is also pursuing a career in Nursing at TAMIU. She is excited to be part of this new project. She also hopes that she can help the community learn more about technology.

I am excited to have been given the opportunity to work with BiblioTech and the Laredo Housing Authority. I have always believed that everyone should be given the opportunity to learn more about technology, and with the help of Laredo BiblioTech that can be possible.

Jessica Martinez

Program Coordinator


With a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration, Jessica transitioned into working in the non-profit sector at the Laredo Housing Authority in January 2018.

I have found a passion in helping people around  my community. I have done it through all venues of my life as part of my job , as a hobby, and as an extra-curricular activity. I am ecstatic to apply my passion to this new project. I also occasionaly enjoy a slice of cheesecake throughout the week.

LHA Board of Commissioners

Cynthia Mares
Board Chair
Silvia Madrid
Vice Chair
Joe E. Aranda
Leo Flores
Gloria Freeman
Resident Commissioner
Mary Gaona
Executive Director

Contact Us

8501 Casa Verde Rd
Laredo, TX 78041

Ph: (956) 236-6887

Hours of Operation


Monday - Friday
4:00pm - 8:00pm

Winter & Summer

Monday - Friday
12:00pm - 5:00pm

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